You don’t know when you’ll need car collision repair services. Therefore, to be on the safest side, you want to master all the steps from first to end. While most procedures are the same for all auto body repair facilities, a few vary depending on your choices. The following are the main steps in collision repair.

Damage Assessment & Cost Estimation

Assessing the severity of damages on your van helps estimate its restoration costs accurately. It’s the first step immediately after getting involved in a road accident. If you don’t have a specific collision center that always maintains your car, you’ll want to do some online study to identify the best option. But if you already have one, you’ll call to notify them of the incident.

Some car body repair agencies will send a team to assess your car at the site, while others will send a towing crew to take it to their facility. Thanks to the internet, you can now fill out a quotation form online and submit the details together with the pictures of your damaged van. Assessment usually takes just a few hours to complete.

Auto Body Disassembling

Even though some damages are usually on the surface and easily accessible, others are deeper into the body. And this requires disassembling the body first before repairing it. Hire a reputable collision repair shop to avoid further damages during the process.


Repair is the core step during which technicians use specialized tools to remove various car body damages. Some of the processes include; hail damage removal, dent removal, repainting, frame straightening, bumper repair or replacement, and windshield repair, among others.

Auto Body Assembling & Quality Assessment

After performing all the necessary repair work, the technicians carefully assemble every part back to its position. Next, another team performs a quality assessment to ensure your car is safe and ready to get back to the road. …